Fixed profile pictures toolbar not showing when a contact picture is displayed using Watusi's tap to open picture

Fixed saving profile and group updates on latest WhatsApp 2.17.71

Fixed saving/sharing videos from updates table

Support saving text statuses

Added option to track when a contact joins WhatsApp or delete his account

Support latest WhatsApp update 2.17.51

Statuses automatically downloaded by WhatsApp will no longer be saved into Stalky saved media directory when 'Save Status Updates' is disabled

Fixed About Updates table not showing any data

Fixed Stalky icon vanishing after leaving edit mode on chats list

Favorites and Blacklisted contacts list have been reset

Favorites section should no longer show all updates if no favorite jids are selected

Fixed restore license button

Fixed removing ads by tweeting

Fixed Gallery Sharing icons

More bug fixes and improvements

Added support for status updates

Re-wrote the updates table

Added 3D touch support to the updates table.

Added an icon for each update type

Added option to colorize the updates table

Added picture date under count label on contact profile picture

Added option to enable/disable items from auto add/download

Improvements and bug fixes to the images gallery.

New layout for the Preferences page

More changes that I don't even remember

Due to latest WhatsApp update I had to release version 3.0 now due to incompatibility of old Stalky with latest WatusiTools

Fixed Stalky button not showing up on latest WhatsApp update

Fixed Stalky button going on top of compose button some times on WhatsApp launch

Attempt to fix the crash that happens on few devices

Attempt to fix crash on latest WhatsApp update

Fixed saved pictures gallery crash

Saved pictures gallery will now show the time that your contact changed the picture and not the time it was saved on your device.

Attempt to fix crash when tapping on group invite link. Let me know if its fixed.

Fixed issue on BigBoss repo that did not allow users to download it for free.

Fixed a bug where WatusiTools would load on SpringBoard

Fixed profile picture updates on latest WhatsApp update 2.16.8

Fixed image not downloading when auto-download is set to 'Never'

Fixed crash when sharing image from profile picture view

Support latest WhatsApp update 2.12.17

Support latest WhatsApp update 2.12.14

Support latest WhatsApp update 2.12.14

Bug fixes and improvements

Re-wrote most of the update saving code

Updates are now saved into a database

Updates table should be much more smoothly

More Auto-Download options (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and Cellular, Never)

New gallery for saved pictures that support deleting images

Fixed blacklisted contacts showing in updates table

Fixed saved pictures/status from contact info view for contact with multiple phone numbers

New Contacts Picker table which includes recent chats and will now show all numbers for a single contact

Added filter button where you can filter updates to show all/status/picture/group updates

Moved delete button is now on settings page

Fixed profile picture view not showing the latest saved image of a contact before deleting picture

Show Stalky Saved pictures and statuses buttons on group info page

Fixed groups empty notifications

Added option to check saved pictures for all contacts

Fixed deleting profile picture still showing on profile

Fixed Stalky header picture not updating when profile picture is changed/deleted

Fixed image download when selecting an update with auto download disabled

Prevent Latest WhatsApp 2.12.10 from deleting a contact saved pictures automatically when its changed/deleted

Fixed update sorting issue for users with different local date format

Added option to change notifications sound

Added option to disable auto download of images

Added option to blacklist a contact and stop receiving its updates

Added option to check all saved profile pictures for a contact in WhatsApp Media folder. You can check it from 3 places:
1) From contact profile picture,
2) From contact info page,
3) By tapping or long pressing on update cell.

Added option to check all statuses updates for a contact

Fixed group updates not incrementing badge number

Fixed badge on iOS 9 changing to square

Lots of improvements to the updates table (more group updates)

Added a section for selective updates where you can see only the updates of the selected contacts

Added option to receive notifications for all/selected contacts updates

More bug fixes and improvements

Initial Release